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Festival Program
  Texas Music Festival Media  
  We are a media-friendly event, and we welcome those who would like to take photos of the fans, vendors, artists, and campers to purchase a ticket and start clicking! You are free to submit any photos to us at or tag us in your social media posts for our use in our future promotional materials. Please note: you do not need a backstage pass or pit pass to do any of these things, as many of the best photos we have seen and use for marketing materials are taken from the front of the stage showing the crowd and the fans! However, if you are looking for a more professional and up-close media experience, here is what you need to know and how to apply:

Reporters/News Outlets - credentials for the LJT Fest will be granted to reporters and photographers who are on assignment and covering the LJT Fest for legitimate publications, websites/blogs and/or radio and television stations.

*Artist interviews must be approved in advance with the artists’ management and the LJT Festival crew*

Radio/On-Air Personalities - we provide a limited number of complementary credentials to radio stations and their staff and who supply pre-festival promotional air time and/or social media advertising leading up to the festival. These credentials are based on a prior-arranged agreement for festival access and on-stage artist introductions.

Photographers - the standard photo policy during LJT Fest is that the first three songs by a performer can be shot from the stage pit by approved photographers. This policy is subject to change and advance approval is required by each individual artist. 

Videographers - we hire our own film crew each year to create promotional content for our current and future events.  All videos must go through complex licensing and artist approval channels before publishing, and for these reasons we rarely allow media passes for additional film crews on-site.  We have made exceptions for TV shows and news stations, so for these types of film-related inquiries please email for more information.

Absolutely NO GLASS bottles or containers allowed at Melody Mountain Ranch

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