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CD/DVD - Tunes & Tales Vol. 2 (2011)
Featuring Music & Interviews By:
Larry Joe Taylor, Joe Ely, Radney Foster,
Pat Green, Cody Canada & the Departed,
Mike McClure, Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager,
Jason Boland, Stoney LaRue, Wade Bowen,
Reckless Kelly, Brandon Rhyder, Deryl Dodd,
Josh Abbott, Kyle Park, Bart Crow,
Johnny Cooper, Tejas Brothers, No Justice,
Six Market Blvd., Charla Corn, Mark McKinney,
and many more!
Tunes & Tales Vol. 2 CD/DVD Combo
Price $17.99
CD/DVD - Tunes & Tales (2009)
Featuring Music & Interviews By:
Larry Joe Taylor, Reckless Kelly,
Jason Boland, Mike McClure,
Brandon Rhyder, Roger Creager,
Jason Eady, Johnny Cooper,
The Tejas Brothers, Tommy Alverson,
Wade Bowen, Josh Abbott,
Matt Martindale, Chris Wall,
Richard Leigh, and many more!
Tunes & Tales CD/DVD Combo
Price: $14.99
CD - Sailing On Sunday (2012)
 1. Sailing On Sunday
 2. What's in the Well
 3. Down Island Girl
 4. Choices and Chances
 5. Hidalgo Street
 6. The Old Men and the Sea
 7. I Hear It's Clear
 8. After Labor Day
 9. Till You Have To
10. I Love This Game
11. I'll Cerveza Thru It 
Sailing On Sunday CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Times (2007)
 1. Too Much Rock (Not Enough Roll)
 2. Beachfront Town
 3. Monkey River Town Girl
 4. Times Square
 5. Gotta Get Out
 6. The Older I Get
 7. Lazy Days
 8. It Just Don't Get No Better Than This
 9. Wife Without Parole
10. Isla Mujeres
Times CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Summer Days (2003)
 1. Summer Days
 2. Anywhere the Sun Shines 
 3. Second Wind
 4. Once You Clear the Jettys
 5. Take It Breezy
 6. Fall Like a Stone
 7. If I Can't Get Over You
 8. Still Singin' Just For You
 9. Headed South
10. Miss the Boat
Summer Days CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Port A to Port B (2002)
 1. Introduction
 2. My Kinda Day on Padre
 3. Lets Pretend
 4. Old Screen Door
 5. Doin The Best I Can
 6. Drive In Story
 7. Drive In
 8. Men of Steel
 9. Matagorda
10. Third Coast
11. Terlingua Sky
12. Take It Breezy
Port A to Port B CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Heart of the Matter (2000)
 1. Lets Pretend
 2. Heart of the Matter
 3. Matagorda
 4. Men of Steel
 5. Robbin' Peter
 6. Two Steppin' on the Beach
 7. Let'em Dance Around Us
 8. Back Before the War
 9. Queen of the Redneck Riviera
10. Coconuts
Heart of the Matter CD
Price: $9.99
CD - First Row, Third Coast (1997)
 1. American Dream
 2. My Home
 3. Coastin'
 4. Mobile Bay
 5. Fishin' Song
 6. Third Coast
 7. Rainy Days
 8. Brooksmith, Texas
 9. Road Trip
10. Uncle Bud
First Row, Third Coast CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Coastal & Western (1994)
 1. Meet Me in Corpus
 2. Drive In
 3. Island Time
 4. Shrimpin' and Skrimpin'
 5. Hurricane
 6. Sea Sick
 7. Kamikaze Cowgirl
 8. My Kinda Day on Padre
 9. Gulf of Mexico
10. One Mans Hoot
Coastal & Western CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Live From Meridian, TX #13
Featuring Music By:
 Roger Creager
 Davin James
 Jerry Jeff Walker
 Adam Carroll
 Joe Pat Hennen
 Reckless Kelly
 Cross Canadian Ragweed
 South by Southwest
 Steve Fromholz
 Tommy Alverson
 Terri Hendrix
 Larry Joe Taylor
 Rusty Wier
Live From Meridian, TX #13 CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Live From Meridian, TX #12
Featuring Music By:
 Steve Fromholz
 South by Southwest
 Terri Hendrix
 Chris Schlotzhauer
 Blind Luck
 Davin James
 Rusty Wier
 Tommy Alverson
 Ed Burleson
 The Groobees
 Larry Joe Taylor
Live From Meridian, TX #12 CD
Price: $9.99
CD - Live From Meridian, TX #11
Featuring Music By:
 Larry Joe Taylor
 Tommy Alverson
 Brian Burns
 Chris Schlotzhauer
 Ed Burleson
 Rusty Wier
 Brent Mitchell Band
 Billy Joe Shaver
 Owen Temple
 Joe Pat Hennen
 Pat Green
Live From Meridian, TX #11 CD
Price: $9.99

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